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  "Yangzhou is good, the first is the hongqiao. Young willow green, three feet of rain, cherry red broken a shaw, in LanRao everywhere." Here is the yangzhou history of the famous hongqiao. Hongqiao scenery, has attracted many scholars opine on this play, left many precious ink and moving story. Kangxi years Wang Yuyang has a song: "fly across the water of the red bridge, a railing jiuqu red; perfect day painting ship under the bridge, the fragrance of people should be too in a hurry." Is more popular, even emperor qianlong had poetry appreciation GuoHongQiao scenery.

  If compared the lake is a classical beauty, hongqiao is revealed her LIDS; If the lake is sometimes compared to a play, it is hongqiao opened for her. Let us start from hongqiao, enjoy the "two dike flower in accordance with the water, gazebo all the way until the mountain" of beauty.

  Rich champions of the world "reputation. At this time of yangzhou has become international trade port, the countries of southeast Asia and west Asia trade merchant ships are come to yangzhou.

  Began six years (747 years), yangzhou with a population of 470000, Arab traders alone more than 5000 people. Come here to learn to take true through and han culture Japan sent tang's monk and the students in an endless stream. Twelve years began, daming monastery monk master distinguishing, starting from yangzhou dongdu Japan. Yuan Italian businessman Marco Polo was back when Kublai Khan appointed XuanFuShi east, in yangzhou officer for 3 years.

  After the late qing dynasty, without grain transportation by canal and yangzhou will gradually decline. Before the Anti-Japanese War, yangzhou population of only 120000, only one 5 of prosperous tang dynasty.

  After the founding of new China, yangzhou into a new stage of development, gradually establish a modern industry, the development of the traditional craft products, to renovate the garden sites, cities look brand-new. It is a medium-sized industrial city and a tourist attraction, the Chinese and foreign tourists, an endless stream.

  Yangzhou a subtropical humid climate. Direction with the seasons has apparent change. In winter long, and for more than four months, about 3 months, summer age season is shorter, each for more than two months. Annual average temperature of 15 "c, compared with the same latitude region, hot summer and cold winter. The average 222 days frost-free period years. The average annual rainfall of 1030 mm, the rainy season in the middle of June to mid-july. Typhoon generally first appeared in June, the latest in November, in the majority with eight to nine months. Yangzhou city waterway and land transportation is very convenient. Within the territory of the amphibious transportation networks, and convenient. The Yangtze river flows through yangzhou suburban county, in yangzhou and the canal, huai water. Melon continent ferry terminal all night service, has become a throat of yangzhou passenger, cargo transfer. The city is composed of dozens of main and branch within the territory of the highway transportation network, connecting jiangsu, wanbei, radiated to subei hinterland. In yangzhou as the center, east ningtong expressway road, south Yang road, west NingYang first-level road, who is north road, jiang ning even first class road, constitute the whole efficient efficient transport network. Build yangzhou to zhenjiang Yangtze river bridge have been approved by the state council and implemented, the new nanjing lukou airport is only 100 kilometers from yangzhou. Visitors: a good man better yangzhou hills and waters. The humanities will this, all beauty, is very rich in tourism resources, classical garden has a long history. The beauty of the west lake, in" twenty-four bridge moon night, jade one where teach xiao "the beauty of the stand out from the crowd. 24 bridge and the new lake five pavilion bridge each other echo, more foil the message of the west lake.

  Yangzhou gardens was more and fine, each has its own characteristics. Such as "a garden" stacked stone false landform of the four seasons of spring, summer, autumn and winter; "He garden" in Chinese, and the garden of Chinese "piece of stone mountain room" was great painter in qing dynasty over the left unique masterpiece; Other such as "small valley", "volume Shi Dongtian", "spring park" smelting, etc., not to mention them, is a look at the name also makes the heart chi god drunk.

  River surges, vicissitudes of life change, yangzhou is a story does not say. President jiang zemin hometown fondly praise, blessing: "the ancient city of yangzhou is my lovely hometown. Wish it in the process of socialist modernization coruscate gives more brilliant youth." Yeah! Yangzhou is the a LangLangDe pearl on the earth, we firmly believe that: not only does it have a nice today, even more brilliant tomorrow!

  Each group friend good morning, everyone! Welcome to miles to yangzhou, I'm to meet the tour guide Min-hui zhu, Vince agile min, hui. Hope you can call me mandy or small hui, I will provide the high quality for you as you wish it to be the guide service.

  We'll be the first to visit is the famous west lake! Now please allow me to tell a story for you, words in ancient times there are four scholar highest, saved an old man on the road. Which know the old man's house is a fairy, and award them each a wish, the first scholar said: "I hope I can life rich, rich". The second scholar said: "I hope I can become a fairy. Third scholar said: "I hope I can make a secretariat in yangzhou, and audience people admire". And the fourth a scholar's desire is a personality, distinctive, but only ten words the desire of the top three scholar, including you can guess, know what it is? Right! Is "waist ten is riding a crane under the yangzhou". We see that the ancients under the yangzhou and rich, do the fairy and listed as the three major goals of life, the magnetic field of yangzhou how strong, how big attraction.

  West lake scenic area is the shu gang - key west lake national scenic area is the most essence, the most core part. A song of water just like brocade belt, like gone with the wind like breeze, when closed. Qing liu observatory said: "at lake mountain - hangzhou, suzhou city wins, yangzhou garden house wins". More than the west lake and hangzhou west lake, there is a slim and elegant lasting appeal. West coast is established in succession, the sui and tang dynasties until the two emperors kangxi and qianlong in the qing dynasty, six degrees of southern China formed the west lake "two dike flower LiuQuan depends on water, gazebo all the way until the mountain". Qing qiantang poet wang kang hang also will be compared to the west lake of yangzhou and hangzhou, wrote in the poem "chueiyang constantly meet the residual weeds, wild goose tooth hongqiao yanyan drawing. Also pin a pot of gold, reason should be called slim." The name of the lake and to, and approval by people, was the Chinese and foreign now!

  Li bai in history, cultural celebrities such as tu mu in this area have left the footprint of the shallow pour croon and popular discourse, "march fireworks yangzhou" "bead curtain volume spring breeze" said when it was march yangzhou a profusion of garden flowers, spring is full of beauty. "Twenty-four bridge moon night, jade where people teach flute." Said it was one of west lake landscape, and tells the story of the cause of the scenic spot name. With the number of words at the added part for the beauty of west lake is a pen!

  West lake is also a representative of our country's lake garden. The classical garden group combines south show north male, combination is clever, are due to borrow, formed by the lake for a total of space, the scene outside view, garden with garden art realm. Well known for its 24 bridge in the history of west lake of yangzhou, meandering this 24, one lake water will be like a pearl inlaid on the jade belt, burging formed a picture of a thorn natural stereoscopic landscape picture scroll, and jinshan, hongqiao, 24 is the stereo scenery picture scroll of the bridge.

  Ok, first introduced to here! Now please follow me into the lake scenic spot we do it again in detail!